Kara Odegard

Kara is an advocate and consultant whose core mission is to promote responsible business strategies within the Inland Northwest. Her consulting and project management services are available to benefit corporations, nonprofits and other socially responsible organizations throughout the region.

Kara Odegard is the owner of Odegard Consulting in Spokane, where her focus is on corporate-nonprofit partnerships and the development of social impact programs that align with corporate objectives. Interested in sustainability issues and keen to help businesses meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, Kara is currently working on promoting B Corp certification to Spokane area businesses. 

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At Odegard Consulting we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously.  In addition to monetary and in-kind donations we make to local nonprofits, Odegard Consulting has made a formal commitment to giving at least one percent of our revenues in support of environmental stewardship.